Memorial Day 2022

Whispers From The Tomb

Each Memorial Day, Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial Funeral Home welcomes guests to their Memorial Day event.  This includes the opportunity to view a fascinating tomb that is opened once each year.

Memorial Day line to view tomb

Memorial Day Events
As part of their Memorial Day events, Wilhelm’s staff provides a guided tour of the historic Portland Memorial Mausoleum.


Features include antique stained glass windows, hand carved Italian statuary, the largest hand painted outdoor mural in the United States and a ‘once a year’ invitation to see the historic Rae tomb, plus refreshments.  View a prior OregonLive story about Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial here!

Television Coverage—ABC News

Click here to view a news report on this story by ABC television affiliate KATU.

Newsprint Coverage—Oregonian

Read the front-page Oregonian article and OregonLive video by Tom Hallman, Jr. with photography by Randy L. Rasmussen by clicking here.


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