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About the Book
Whispers From The Tomb is the story behind the fascinating Rae Room tomb in Portland, Oregon.

Now An Audiobook!
Do you prefer audiobooks? The non-fiction book ‘Whispers From The Tomb’ is now available on Amazon & Audible! Click the image below to view the trailer.

Memorial Day Line to View the Rae Room Tomb

Memorial Day Line to View the Rae Room Tomb

Book Uncovers Long-Hidden Mystery
The Rae tomb is a magnificent structure and the backdrop for mystery, romance, history…and all of it true. Elusive answers surrounding the tomb took years to uncover. Follow along as the author reaches back in time to finally provide long-awaited answers about this amazing structure and the people inside. 

Rae Room, Whispers From The Tomb, George Rae, Elizabeth Rae

Opened To Public Just Once A Year
Opened to the public once each year on Memorial Day, the Rae Room tomb provides a rare glimpse into life from another age. An investigation of the fascinating story surrounding its construction reveals romance, regional history, fabulous wealth, and a legal battle all the way to the Oregon Supreme Court. Or in other words, it’s a true tale of love, lumber, lucre and lawsuits.

Rae Tomb Interior

The tombs are made of solid marble carved in Italy and encased solid bronze caskets. 

Rae Room, Memorial Day, Oregon Mausoleum

Inside The Rae Room Tomb

The structure is comprised of solid granite, with the ceiling handmade.

Rae Room, Memorial Day, Oregon Mausoleum

Detailed, Handmade Ceiling

This true, nearly forgotten story appeals to people for many different reasons. In the end, it is about timeless love.  

Rae Room, Oregon Mausoleum, Memorial Day

Oregon Governor Barbara Roberts with a copy of ‘Whispers From The Tomb’

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