Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the people in the tomb?
George Rae and his second wife, Elizabeth Rae.

Whispers From The Tomb by Roy Widing

Why are they significant?
George Rae emigrated from Scotland and co-founded a very successful American business called the Inman-Poulsen Lumber Company.  This firm set a world sawmill production record in 1906 after the San Francisco earthquake.

Upon George’s death, Elizabeth Rae fought for her husband’s estate against other family members.  The case was front page news and went all the way to the Oregon Supreme Court before being settled out of court.

What is the timeline of their lives like?
George Rae was born in Ellon, Scotland in 1843.  He immigrated to the United States in 1869.  In 1890, he was a lumber company co-founder with three other men.  George’s first wife Charlotte died in 1914 and he married Elizabeth ten months later. George Rae died in 1918.

Born in 1869, Elizabeth previously married William Miller in 1890. They divorced in 1906 before her marriage to George Rae. Elizabeth Rae died in 1942.

Did Elizabeth Rae ever remarry after George’s death?

What happened to George Rae’s first wife?
Charlotte ‘Lottie’ Rae was diagnosed with mental illness and committed to the state mental hospital, where she died.  She is buried in Portland’s Riverview Cemetery.

Where can I find out more about this story and the tomb?
Purchase print and Kindle editions of Whispers From The Tomb at this website and also at Amazon.com.


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