The End Of A Perfect Day

Rae Room, Oregon Tomb, Portland Memorial, Oregon, Mausoleum, History

Many wonder about the beautiful stained glass in Portland’s ‘Rae Room’ tomb. Some suggest that wooded scene was placed inside the elaborate sepulchre given George Rae’s work as a lumberman. But might there be more behind this seemingly minor clue? Some determined research provides tantalizing hints that there is indeed a bit more to the story.

Portland History, Oregon, Mausoleum, Rae Room, George Rae, Lumber History

A popular song containing those lyrics was released nearly a decade before Rae’s passing. Yet here’s where it gets really interesting. That song was even part of George Rae’s 1918 funeral in Portland, Oregon:

Hear the Bing Crosby version of the song here.

Portland Tomb, Whispers From The Tomb, Oregon Non-Fiction, Wilhelm's Portland Memorial, Mausoleum, Oregon, Cemetery, RaeThere’s much more to this fascinating story. That’s because long before George Rae was interred in the stunning Rae tomb, he was first buried across the Willamette River at Portland’s Riverview Cemetery. Then years later after a monumental legal fight all the way to the Oregon Supreme Court, his body was exhumed. That’s when George Rae reached his final resting place, at what’s now known as Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial mausoleum.

Find out more about this fascinating true story by clicking here or on the image below.

Rae Room, Oregon Tomb, Portland Memorial

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