Memorial Day, 2022

Local Memorial Day news coverage features Portland’s historic Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial mausoleum and the fascinating ‘Rae Room’ tomb there. Here’s some helpful information, if you’re planning to attend:

Expect lots of Memorial Day visitors to begin arriving around Noon. By 1PM, the Memorial Service will be underway and afterward, many then decide to tour the fascinating ‘Rae Room’ tomb.

Long line to tour the ‘Rae Room’ tomb

Early in the day and also by mid-afternoon, crowds tend to thin, which means you can usually get in to view the ‘Rae Room’ without a long wait in line.

Countless stories match the lives of those interred at Wilhelm’s, once known as the Portland Crematorium

During your tour at the Portland Memorial, bring your curiosity, a camera or smart phone and comfortable walking shoes. Touring this massive mausoleum offers a great deal to take in. For some, the Portland Memorial has features of a time capsule, library, art gallery, house of worship, museum and mausoleum all rolled into one. You can have a fascinating time regardless of weather, since much of what you’ll see is indoors!

Crypt of stage & screen star Mayo Methot, who married actor Humphrey Bogart

Bring your appetite, too, as Wilhelm’s Portland Memorial are gracious hosts. Memorial Day visitors are often provided popcorn, coffee and sometimes even cookies & hot dogs, while they last.

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