The Love Story

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Inside the ‘Rae Room’ Tomb

This November 106 years ago, the couple in Portland, Oregon’s opulent Rae Room tomb finally married. As revealed in ‘Whispers From The Tomb,’ tough and craggy lumberman George Rae was actually a closet romantic:

“At first glance, the wedding date chosen seems odd. That’s because after years of friendship with George Rae, his new bride Elizabeth is denied a traditional June wedding.  Neither will it occur amid bursts of sunshine, lush with the promise blossoms bring.  Even more puzzling, instead of a Spring rite, an especially rainy season is selected for the nuptials.  Nor will they celebrate among evergreens in the forest setting George finds so familiar.  The lumber executive and his new bride hold the glorious event indoors—during a season famed for short days and wet weather.” 

George & Elizabeth Rae

“Is George Rae uncaring, unthinking, or merely impulsive?  Actually, he has good reason to select this seemingly inauspicious time to pledge himself to the woman he loves, for November 6th is Elizabeth’s birthday.  Marrying her in the royal suite of Portland’s grand Multnomah Hotel is a special gift on his bride’s special day.”
Whispers From The Tomb by Roy Widing

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